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The StarGuard Elite Instructor Development Course (IDC) is designed to prepare StarGuard Elite Instructors to provide a quality education program for lifeguards, using experiential activities based upon adult learning principles, and an emphasis on understanding and utilizing effective facilitation skills.  


The Instructor Development process includes an online self-study course and a face-to-face course conducted by SGE Faculty.  Instructor candidates will review proper rescue techniques that can be used in a variety of aquatic settings and the most effective ways to educate new and experienced aquatic rescue personnel.  Attendance is required for all parts of the course.


The StarGuard Instructor Development Course (IDC) is designed to train new StarGuard Instructor candidates, cross-over existing lifeguard instructors from another agency, reauthorize StarGuard Instructors, and upgrade Instructor status.  

Instructor Candidates are expected to have exceptional current content knowledge, skill mastery, the ability to follow written and verbal directions, and demonstrate the ability to lead and motivate in a professional manner.

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